Personalized Airbrush Tanning

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Please follow the instructions below on how to prepare for your tan. Arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment so you can fill out some minor paperwork and have any questions you have answered. Each appointment is scheduled for 35 minutes. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, your treatment may be shortened or cancelled because there may be another appointment immediately following yours and we pride ourselves in timeliness.
Cancellation Policy As with all professional appointments, a 24-hour cancellation or rescheduling notification is required. This includes gift certificates. Customers who fail to show for an appointment without cancelling will be charged $25 cancellation fee.

Spray Tan in our Magic Tanning Booth

We use the original MagicTan Booth Solution. MagicTan's exclusive self-tanning complex combines a proprietary ratio of DHA and Erythulose for unmatched sunless tanning performance. Our patent pending delivery system provides quicker absorption yet allows for slower self-tanner development, which occurs over a 24 hour period. This unique combination ensures that MagicTan solution will leave the skin with a natural-looking, rich golden sunless tan with longer-lasting color. It is applied evenly to your skin, ensuring a consistent tan every time - with no streaks. Choose Light, Medium or Dark color to completely personalize your Authentic MagicTan Experience.



Helpful Information on Magic or Airbrush Tanning

Shower & Exfoliate

Exfoliate your entire body. Users report longer-lasting results when dead skin cells are exfoliated prior to application. Exfoliation and shaving help ensure the surface of your skin is smooth, which helps the formula apply evenly for best results. There is only one more thing that you have to worry about and that is that most exfoliants contain some sort of natural oils - do not use an exfoliant that contains oils. The oil will block your pores and limit the amount of tanning solution that is absorbed. You are better to simply use a wet face cloth than most exfoliants you can buy. For best results use MagicTan's Pineapple exfoliating gel. It is oil free, natural and it smells great!

Prepare your skin

Exfoliating with a salt scrub or other appropriate product is recommended the day before you sunless-tan. Removing loose, dead, dry skin cells that prevent even application of sunless solution will improve and extend your tanning results. Moisturize the skin to prime it. Skin that's hydrated and moisturized will better accept the formula. Apply evenly. Even application is the key to great results. DHA also uses the moisture in your skin to help produce the tan, so moisturizing during the life of your tan is also very important. Do not use a moisturizer that is heavy, or contains cocoa butter, mineral oil, petroleum, or any heavy oils.

  • Before sunless-tanning, your skin should be clean and dry with no soap residue to interfere with your tan. Avoid bar soap.

  • Do not apply deodorant or perfumes to skin prior to tanning. It is recommended you shave the day before you tan. It is recommended you remove makeup before the tanning process, but it is not absolutely necessary.
  • Remove any jewelry when being sprayed.
  • If you prefer to wear a bathing suit, select an old, preferably dark bathing suit to wear while being sprayed. Also remember to bring old dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing to wear home. Avoid wearing tight fitted clothing for the first 4-6 hours.
  • If you are tanning for the first time (pale skin), you should apply a product over your entire body to lower your skin's pH level. It has been shown that a balanced pH level of skin may provide browner, more natural-looking color.
  • Apply a barrier cream to areas that tend to attract too much color during the spray-tan process such as cuticles, knees, elbows, hands and feet. Apply to tattoos to reduce spray's effect and keep colors vibrant. Gently wipe off spray color from tattoos after tanning.

After all sunless treatments wait at least six to eight hours before bathing or exercise to allow the DHA bronzer enough time to begin the reaction process.

How Sunless Works

The tan that is produced is absolutely water-resistant and diminishes only as the dead cells of the stratum corneum flake off. It's important to remember that most of the sunless products, unless they contain an added sunscreen, will not protect you from the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

Pricing for Spray Tanning

Magic tan - $30 or 30 points

Airbrush Spray - $44 or 44 points

Magic Tan Bronze Membership Special

Get your membership for 6 or 12 months and get special discounted prices.

6 months - $80 a month
3 months - $85 a month
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